Rob Banks Voiceovers

“Your Go-To Guy Next Door”



Rob Banks is your go-to voiceover actor if you’re searching for a voice-over that is conversational and sounds like the guy next door. His voice type has also been referred to as believable, friendly, energetic, fresh, natural, sincere, trustworthy, young adult, and youthful. Rob enjoys voicing commercials for radio, television and the internet. He is at the same time often cast for voice work for explainer and whiteboard videos and narration for apps. Do you require an original character voice for your cartoon or video game? Rob is your guy, being a seasoned professional with years of voiceover experience in recording for various applications. He also is skilled in recording in-store announcements, in addition to radio station imaging and television promos.

Rob offers all his clients the highest quality audio for their project voiced on industry standard microphones, inside a professional, custom built sound treated vocal booth. His voiceover work has been listened to around the globe. Some well-respected companies Centex Homes, E.D.C., Furnish 1-2-3, Gadsden State, Infiniti, Six Flags and Win-River Casino have selected him to represent their brand.

Striving to attract more customers, more business, more success for your brand targeted directly at your demographic with fun and a smile? Rob is the innovative sound that you’ve been trying to find. If you’re after great communication and excellent customer service, look no further Rob is committed to providing all of his clients’ the highest quality clean voice tracks to match their specifications. You can direct Rob if your voiceover requires it via phone patch or source connect now.

Feel free to listen to Rob’s demos and watch some of his video narration work. Please do not hesitate to contact him directly with any questions, you have or if you need a quote or custom audition sample for your voiceover project.

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