Rob Banks is a professional voice-over artist. He is known as conversational, friendly, natural… get real with Rob Banks voice overs. A few of clients he’s done work for include Tuto Toons, Gadsden State, and WinnaVegas Casino.

From the time he was 8 years old, he would find himself hanging around the local radio station, salivating to push all the neat buttons and turn all the knobs on the broadcast console. Whether it was a pen with an aluminum foil ball on top of it or one his Aunts perfume bottles, anything could pass as a microphone and Rob was anxious to get anyone who would listen to share a few words into his faux microphone. He hoped to sit behind the microphone, entertaining the masses and sharing his high energy personality with them. Even though Rob didn’t have one of those typical old-school deep radio voices that were all the rage at one time, he was hired for his first on-air radio while still in high school.

Many years later after voicing thousands of commercials, hosting every radio day-part including hosting a national Morning radio show for Dial-Global radio networks. Rob was ready for his next challenge. He was fascinated by the art of becoming a voice-over actor. There was a lot to learn and many bad radio habits that Rob would have to break in order to thrive in the exciting world of voice acting. After training with highly skilled, successful voice over coaches, spending hours studying voice acting techniques of successful voice over talent, reading numerous books on the subject, Rob finally had found his true calling. He also discovered learning, and honing your voice over craft is an on-going process. Rob is very lucky to have a wonderful wife, who has always been supportive, encouraging him to pursue his voice over dreams. 

Rob has been fortunate to maintain his conversational, friendly, natural, young adult sounding voice by taking care of it over the years. However, it is not to imply that he is a one-trick pony. You will find Rob is versatile with a diverse range he can play the role of the college-age son or the cool Dad. He can do dialects such as Australian, British, Irish, East Coast, Midwestern, Georgia and Texas Southern. Rob also has a wide variety of original character voices from chipmunks to cowboys. His voice has been described as authentic, believable, calm, deadpan, energetic, engaging, humorous, middle-aged, millennial, sincere, trustworthy, and youthful. His clients will tell you – Rob is a dependable, fast, flexible, and a true professional. He would love to collaborate with you on your radio, television, online commercial, explainer or youtube video, video game, explainer video, television promo, or radio imaging. Feel free to listen to my voice over demos and watch some of my video narration work. Book Rob Banks now and experience what your voice over can sound like!







Outstanding equipment for premium sound Neumann TLM103 – Neumann TLM-102  – Sennheiser Mkh-416. The studio is equipped with Source Connect Now and a phone patch for direction if you require it. Professionally designed custom acoustically treated recording booth with panels and bass traps from ATS.
Minimal processing on your voice over file equals a CLEAN uncolored sound. Fast turnaround, excellent communication, and great customer service ensure you receive the high-quality results you deserve.